Chiropractor reviews and testimonials in Panama City Beach, FL“I’ve used chiropractic care for my family for almost 20 years for all kinds of issues. We began due to whiplash injury and learned about more benefits of chiropractic care to staying healthy. My daughter used to have at least 6 sinus infections a year. After one year of regular chiropractic care, she went to 2 a year to none. I would only recommend regular chiropractic visits for those who want to live a long, happy, healthy life!”

Valerie L.

Chiropractor reviews“Amazing what only one adjustment will do!
I came in, in pain and I’m leaving feeling almost brand new! I didn’t have to live with pain for a day. I called and they saw me right away. Great doctor, exceptional staff!”

Jeanie Livings-Beckham

chiropractors in Panama City FL“I flew Fighter in AF for 20 years. I had a motorcycle accident as a teen resulting in one leg shorter than the other, so my spine is a mess.
As an airline pilot I sit hours and increase my pain level. Chiropractic care helps me out immensely. Coming to see Dr. Calhoun gives me relief from my pain.”

David Rippetoe

NW FL chiropractors“I am very pleased with Lisa’s chiropractic services. I was very close to having an operation on my lower back and a coworker suggested I visit Lisa. She took notes and X-rays and made a plan to improve my back pain. I did follow with the plan and nine months later I am well over 95% pain free. At the present time I do follow a maintenance schedule and I do feel great.”

José Cuadra

chiropractic care and services in North Florida“Has quickly become the best stress free hour of my week! Headaches from chronic stress & fibromyalgia have decreased greatly.
Nice, polite and always courteous staff.
Highly recommend seeing Cathie for massages.”

Leslee Oster

doctor reviews“Dr. Calhoun has been my Chiropractor since 1997 when I realized that performing with a 16” viola took its toll on the body’s alignment.

I have been a faithful patient due to her excellent care, understanding and providing a staff that supports her standard of excellence.”

Fran Bullock